Professional Color Tools | 23/01/2005

As manufacturers continue to launch new cars and commercial vehicles, new colours are introduced every year. In fact, the cars on our roads are set to become more colourful again in future, with even more sophisticated effects or modern pigments. Finding the right colour for a refinish is rather like looking for a needle in a haystack. For this reason, Standox, Wuppertal, is committed to offering refinishers the right tools, comprehensive service and a programme of intensive training with its "Professional Color Tools" for all colorimetric work.

Manufacturers take roughly three years to introduce a new colour in the market. Time which is not wasted by Standox, for its refinishing experts use this time to develop a corresponding refinish colour formulation so that exactly the same colour can be reproduced in the repairshop. Close cooperation between colour designers and the specialists for factory finishes is important here.

Today, Standox can choose between well over 200,000 mixing formulae for passenger cars and commercial vehicles with different special effects and different qualities. Professional tools to help refinishers quickly find exactly the right colour are therefore indispensable. Colour and tinting charts, for instance, help to identify the colour of the factory finish directly from the vehicle body. These charts are part of the Color Box system which is available not only for cars and motorcycles, but also for commercial vehicles.

The Standofleet Color Box for commercial vehicles is organized chromatically and presents almost 3000 colours on original colour chips coated with Standofleet HS topcoat. These colours correspond to more than 5300 colour references: in addition to the commercial vehicle colours used by such manufacturers as DAF, Mercedes Benz or Scania, the Box includes national and international fleet colours, such as those of UPS or Coca Cola, as well as standard colours (e.g. RAL, BS, NCS). The Standofleet Color Box is supplemented by the Color Mix wall poster to provide a clear overview of the work sequence in the repairshop. The poster summarises all mixes and their colour spaces and provides information for tinting.

In addition, Standox also provides repairshops with comprehensive product and colour documentation for each painting system, to be used on passenger cars or commercial vehicles. This clearly arranged documentation contains all the technical and customer-specific data needed for a job. It includes safety data sheets, technical data sheets and information on applications technology, for example. Additional car colour brochures sorted according to manufacturers and models list the location of each vehicle's rating plate.

In the Internet too, Standox makes it easier to locate the right colour with the help of a convenient search engine. It can be called up worldwide and in many languages, directly via the national Standox site which can also be accessed via www.standox.com. The data are permanently updated. And this Internet service is entirely free of charge.

Refinishers who prefer not to rely on a visual match when identifying a colour can also make use of the opto-electronic colour-measuring instrument from Standox � a spectrophotometer known as Genius. The instrument has proved invaluable for identifying plain colours in particular and also provides effective assistance with such new, more complex colours as metallics and xirallics. A new instrument is currently being developed to cover the latest colorimetric trends; it is expected to appear on the market in 2005. With this new instrument, refinishers should be able to respond to new factory-finish colours more rapidly.

Genius measures the colour directly on the vehicle body. The data can then be transmitted to a computer and processed further. The spectrophotometer operates perfectly in combination with Standowin and Univers, the electronic colour identification programs from Standox.

Standox is one of Europe�s leading manufacturers of automotive refinishing paints. With its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, the company offers innovative and environmentally compatible product systems in over 80 countries. Standox seeks to build long term relationships with its customers based on premium product quality, and high levels of practical support. By working closely with the automotive industry, Standox has achieved the largest number of approvals from all leading automotive manufacturers. This makes Standox the preferred partner of professional independent and franchised bodyshops.

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