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Gain in expertise on offer

If you and your business are to keep step with developments, you as an independent entrepreneur must keep up with the new ideas behind them. That means: not only your product expertise but also the processes in your operation should always be at the state-of-the-art. Only then can you be sure to satisfy your customers‘ expectations to the full.

As a member of Rep@net and a user of Standox Consulting, you benefit from the intensive Standox research in product development and process technology - for example from a thorough on-the-spot analysis of the business processes in your company. The most important services have been combined in the module “Product & Process”.

For example there is professional instruction in products, application technologies and colouristics. A further aspect is the improvement of work processes and productivity in independent bodyshops. We also offer to set up your bodyshop according to your ideas using CAD/CAM.