Orientation in good time
is the key to achieving goals

You need a safe prospect for the future.
The quiet times are over. The bodyshop business is facing a radical change.
Do the sums. Are you still satisfied with capacity and profit? Can you still count on continuing long-standing business relations? Are you concerned about the local competition? Do you have the right responses to the activities of insurance companies, fleets and car makers? Can you correctly assess their influence on your operations? Do you know who your future customers will be? What their needs are?
The result of this analysis may be sobering but it represents your first important step. Because there is no point sticking your head in the sand. The important thing in this difficult situation is finding allies with whom you can shoulder the challenge.
Rep@net is a group which brings you together with like-minded, successorientated, independent entrepreneurs and helps you advance. The sooner you belong, the better. It is easier to survive turbulent times in a group than on your own.


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