Turbulent conditions mean
new opportunities

The situation in the vehicle repair market is becoming stormy. Fronts are moving in from several directions and these are causing great difficulties. Various influences and groups are responsible for turmoil.

Insurance companies, leasing companies and fleets

Fleet, leasing and insurance companies are increasingly intervening in damage settlement in order to gain control over rising repair costs. This has direct consequences for you if you are an approved repairer and have to face tough service contracts. You are also affected if you are not an approved repairer and have to widen your costumer base on your own.. This tendency offers considerable opportunities for efficient bodyshops to expand volumes which are secure for the future. However, there are certain risks in this inevitable dependency and it is imperative that you take these into consideration.

Car makers

The automotive industry is also trying to steer market developments on certain courses. For example, by making warranty performance dependent on the use of specially approved repair systems. This results in a re-organisation of the marketing structure together with greater concentration on repair business expansion. The bodyshop business is in part influenced by this. You are on the safe side with Standox refinishing systems which have approvals from all leading carmakers. Expansion of paint & body activities by the car makers may occur in so-called coating centres or within the existing bodyshop network.


The industry has no borders. Major work providers who previously operated nationally are now competing internationally. Previously regional standards are gaining world-wide significance. This is only noticeable in the legislature. In other areas, for example, globally valid regulations are applicable in accident management processes.

Environment, quality and service

Environmental protection is still an important topic which is being implemented with increasingly stringent conditions. This and the simultaneous demands by car owners in quality and service make great demands on you. It is difficult to master such ambitious tasks without help.