Together with impetus

You can advance in good company.

When the tasks to be overcome are becoming more difficult, then you should not only rely on your own strengths. You can overcome an obstacle with experienced partners at your side and can maintain your course. Standox gives you this certainty with Rep@net.

This new world-wide Standox network for effective promotion of independent bodyshops was born of various activities which were already available in the trade in many countries. The various national Standox teams have now been combined under one joint group to form a global network which supports the highly-qualified top partners of Standox even better. National features will still be taken into consideration in the future; however cross-border, uniform strategies for success will be in use and all the Rep@net participants will benefit from these.

A functional alliance with local freedom

In addition to the numerous other advantages, membership of Rep@net offers one decisive plus: you remain your own boss all the time.

Rep@net ensures you the necessary security on the one hand and on the other hand it leaves you sufficient scope to implement your plans completely independently.