Every chance for the best

The pre-conditions must be right

There is one great hurdle to overcome before entering Rep@net: only the best independent specialist bodyshops in the world can join in the network. That means you have to fulfil the stringent requirements. Only then can you meet the growing demands of the market and keep up in our alliance even with headwind.
We use your membership contributions and the support of Standox to create the financial basis to successfully cope with the coming tasks.

A new partnership
As the leading supplier of vehicle refinishes, Standox has good contacts with all the relevant groups and decision-makers in the industry. However, we are aware that there is not always optimum mutual trust between the participants on the market. This is where our strategy starts.

With Rep@net we want to assume the task of coordinator and consultant with the aim of setting the relationships on a new partnership basis. That is the reason why we place such value on the excellent quality of our members. We can only reach results which satisfy all sides equally if we can communicate with our opposite numbers at eye level.

You will receive attention with Rep@net
What the individual is not able to do will work better in a group. Together we can gain attention from all the important institutions such as insurance companies, leasing companies, fleet operators, car makers and related organisations. In doing so, Rep@net plays a significant role as the representative of members at national and international level, since you cannot be overlooked in the selection process. This is not a guarantee; however it may be decisive for the continued existence of your company. In this way the network becomes an influential mediator which lends support for the concerns of its members beyond all borders.

We supply decision-making support and the necessary tools
Being well informed in good time guarantees you an important lead in competition. Thus you learn everything you need to know as fast as possible from Rep@net without having to invest too much time yourself. Above all we will keep you up-to-date on the results of contact to customers and other decisive groups and will supply the support needed. But also communication between the members of the worldwide Rep@net alliance is intensified and simplified.