Services / Support Package
  FREE Standomix Paint Mixing Scheme
(Placed on Consignment Basis)
  FREE Custom-designed Training Sessions to suit your bodyshop's needs
  FREE Bodyshop Computer Aided Design
  FREE Standomix 3000 Computer Formula Retrieval System
(Placed on Consignment Basis)
  FREE Mobile IT Support & Troubleshooting
  FREE Waste Collection Service: solvent, plastic cups, paint tins
  FREE Daily Delivery Services
  FREE Hotline Technical and Colour Support Service
  FREE Environmental Advice and Support Service
  FREE Training for your staff in our Training Centre, or on site
  FREE Up-To-Date Information throught Standothek, InterSTANDOX, Sand & Spray and website postings
  FREE Bodyshop Technical Consulting Service
  Tool Service & Calibration Center
  Mobile Product Support & Equipment Service Engineers
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