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People Centric Training:

Our new modular training program is aimed directly at focusing all efforts in the development of your technicians, whether it is in their chosen field or in associated ones: Imagine having a painter who is also a trained smart repairer; imagine having a panel beater who can colour match; imagine having a service advisor who is a salesman! The possibilities for multi-skilling are now endless.

From 1st July 2003 some 25 training courses have been available for you to choose from. A listing of the same is provided at the following link:
Course Index. These training courses are geared towards increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Working with us means keeping your technicians and your business at the cutting edge of automotive technology and efficiency, therefore improving your bottom line.

More than 32,000 man days of training have been undertaken at Polimar's Sharjah training facility since its opening in the early nineties! Today we continually strive to be different by offering the best automotive training using the best trainers, the most advanced methods and by sharing the most important thing of all: KNOWLEDGE.

Participants in Polimar's "People Centric Training Program" will be issued with a unique training passport, which becomes your technicians' record of achievement and your company's tool to further develop your techniciansí skills. All courses are now accompanied by a practical and theoretical examination.

Polimar understands the importance of continuous improvement process. Our training centre, training procedures, trainers and technicians are all independently audited, assessed and accredited from the prestigious Institute of the Motor Industry. This gives you the assurance that your operatives are receiving up to date and quality training at all times.


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