Services / Training Courses
Product Knowledge and Basic Application

Polyester products, stoppers
2K products
MS and HS systems
Fade-out repair techniques
Choosing the right product for the right job
Preparation procedure
Application of top coats
Health and safety
Advanced Application
Introduction of new products: HS and Standohyd waterborne systems
Preparation procedures
Sanding techniques and equipment
Spray guns
Application of top coats
Fade-out repair techniques
Prevention and rectification of film defects
Health and safety
Paint film defect understanding and prevention
Explanation of colour and the elements affecting it
The chromatic circle
Weight mixing schemes
Accurate colour mixing with computer generated formulas
Colour identification
Use of the colour box
Practical mixing of solid, metallic, pearl and mica colours
Application techniques and the way they affect colours
Colour and fade-out repair techniques
Electronic Colour Tools
STANDOMIX 3000 colour retrieval system
UNIVERS colouristic and paint-related information system
GENIUS hi-tech spectrophotometre
Plastics Refinishing
Correct cleaning and preparation
Using the correct primers and stoppers
Mat, glossy and textured flexible finishes
Correct mixing of the flex agent
Bodyshop Marketing
Bodyshop Marketing Aids
Graphic design and airbrush
Environmental issues
Special Effect Colour Painting
Vehicle interior and exterior detailing
Vehicle rustproofing
On the road boutique concept
Smart Repairs
Paintless dent removal
Car paint repair
Fabric repair
Plastic, leather and vinyl
Car care
Odor removal
Aluminum repair
Windscreen repair
Car-O-Liner Collision Repair Systems
The bench part by part
Advantages of the CAR-O-LINER equipment
Setting up the car
Understanding the mechanical measuring system
Understanding the CAR-O-TRONIC electronic measuring system
Pulling techniques
Using the chain, clamps and safety wire
Using the hammer
Protecting the undamaged portion
Cutting and welding
Note: Special courses, such as Management Trainings, can be custom designed to suit your bodyshop's needs.
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